The space shuttle, Endeavour, has now reached her age of retirement having served NASA dutifully from May of 1992 to May of 2011. She was the fifth shuttle built by NASA for use in transporting crew and equipment to and from the space station, after the tragic loss of the Challenger shuttle in 1986. Endeavour, due to cost considerations, was built from parts of past shuttles, including Discovery, and Atlantis.1

Following a lengthy tour of the skies of California, Endeavour will finally retire to a permanent home in the California Science Center in Los Angeles. The aerial tour was done so that many in the country got a chance to see the shuttle in the sky one last time before retirement.2 An effort made all the more monumental, as NASA is now out of the business of space shuttle construction, leaving future developments to the private sector.

The air tour over California concluded the shuttle’s cross country trip on the back of a Boeing 747 from the Kennedy Space Center in FL. Once being removed from the back of the commercial airliner, the shuttle will travel to the museum on the streets on Los Angeles on October 12th and 13th.3

This last hoorah of the space shuttle will be one to remember, so take the time to look to the skies or view the webcast by the Los Angeles Times, to not miss the momentous occasion. I know that I look forward to visiting the Shuttle in her new home in Los Angeles, I hope that you do too.