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Jarrett Estep                                                                                                                            The Importance of Teleportation

The last three weeks of Fundamentals of Physics have been very interesting and I have come to believe that physics holds two main purposes in existence: it explains how common and complex systems of natrual occurances happen in the universe and also helps us expand our current technologies and understanding of this world and the universe to a higher plane for the better of mankind.  Multiple instances of this has already occured within society; we know utilizing physics more about gravity, electricity, motion and a better understanding of space and meanwhile we have used this knowledge to enhance our technology based on this information.  However, out of all the uses we have used physics, I believe there is one use that could possibly revolutionize the world and indeed bring us to a whole new level and that is the theory of teleportation.  Its important to note that according to Kevin Bosnor, “teleportation involves dematerializing an object at one point, and sending the details of that object’s precise atomic configuration to another location, where it will be reconstructed.”  We’ve seen it in video games, television shows, movies, comic books, etc. and I for one have always thought it was impossible.  But according to research from the California Institute of Technology in 1998, this is a very possible theory…in fact its been proven.

“In 1998, physicists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), along with two European groups, turned the IBM ideas into reality by successfully teleporting a photon, a particle of energy that carrieslight. The Caltech group was able to read the atomic structure of a photon, send this information across 3.28 feet (about 1 meter) of coaxial cable and create a replica of the photon. As predicted, the original photon no longer existed once the replica was made (Bosnor 2000).”  They used a technique known as entanglement (which was also referred to as a phenomenon) that consists of creating a replica of what once was.  Kevin Bosnor compared it to this: “In other words, when Captain Kirk beams down to an alien planet, an analysis of his atomic structure is passed through the transporter room to his desired location, where a replica of Kirk is created and the original is destroyed.”

Research as of recent years has allowed us to teleport clouds of atoms now, meaning that substance that was being transferred by means of teleportation have increased significantly.  However, it does seem that the transportation of human bodies and items of significant quantities of atoms are still out of reach.  Compared to photons and atoms, physical objects such as books and even larger ones such as the human bodies contain many atoms (trillions upon trillions) and for teleportation to work correctly, efficiently and most of all, safely, the body’s “molecules couldn’t be even a millimeter out of place, lest the person arrive with some severe neurological or physiological defect (Bosnor 2000).”

There is one use of teleportation that may be being used in a very significant way in the near future by way of telecommunication and its called the quantum internet.  “Quantum teleportation holds promise for quantum computing…this technology may be used one day to build a quantum computer that has data transmission rates many times faster than today’s most powerful computers.  This technology may be used one day to build a quantum computer that has data transmission rates many times faster than today’s most powerful computers. (Bosnor 2000).”  So basically, internet speed would skyrocket to unbelievable speeds and I have no doubt that availability would reach areas that once was thought to have no access whatsoever.  Finally, I could go out to the middle of a lake, get on my laptop, and have broadband access at speeds as if I were at home.

The ideal of teleportation has me pretty excited.  It’s the only “impossible theory” at this point that would be the most easy to use with no obvious consequences.  Sure, I would like to fly high above buildings in a vehicle or drive machines that don’t cost a thing, but in all honesty, accidents are bound to happen.  Ray guns do sound pretty cool, but guns are weapons and even though they might originally be created to be safe, they can always be modified and redesigned to be dangerous.  That’s not to say that these other ideals are not, well, ideal, but by design, there are already some flaws that need to be discussed if they haven’t already.  Of course a hundred years from now is a long time to do so.  But teleportation is interesting because it removes the need for any other type of transportation or at least solves a lot of issues regarding transportation.  For example, say teleportation is meant for objects and not large individuals.  Could one imagine buying something from amazon or ebay on the internet and having it teleported to your home within a matter of hours or even minutes?  What is the need for a better source of fuel when driving becomes unnecessary.

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Anne Hodges

Traveling the depths of time; is it really possible, or is it just another far-fetched idea man has created over the years. Time is one of the biggest factors throughout our lives. It is used to help us figure out when the sun is going down, when it is coming up, when to be at a party, when to be at school or work. Time is used to give us an estimate on how long it will take to get from one area to another for each kind of transportation. However, the idea of being able to go back in time, or forward in time, to look around or change something or just to see what happens has so far been nothing more than a mere fantasy. These kinds of thoughts are most commonly found in movies, cartoons, or books. So what is time travel really?

Time travel is being able to send or receive objects or information from a different point in time directly using some kind of device.  Time travel has even been said to use things such as wormholes to go from one point in time to another, to being said to use some kind of bulky machinery to travel time as well. Time travel has even been used through items such as cars that were modified in some manner or another.  So overall Time travel is just a way to go from one point in time to another much like how we can take a plane to go from one side of the earth to the other. Like everyday travel, I believe that time travel will also take time to send something or someone through.  On the other hand, what has actually been said or done with time travel thus far, and is it really possible?

Time travel has been talked about, lectured about, written about, shown on television, and written in books for a very long time, but has anything really been done with it? Doing just a basic search I found that a Professor at the University of Connecticut has used Einstein’s equations to come up with a way to create a kind of time machine. His name is Ronald Mallet, and he hopes to get the funding to create this time machine within ten years of the time it was posted in the news, which was in 2006. So if the funding was collected soon after this announcement on the site, then it should be underway and available to test within the next four years from today.  The professor stated that he intends to create a time machine using circulating lasers. These lasers would create the time warping it would need.  He even stated in this article that he believes that human time travel can be possible this century. Even though there hasn’t been anything stating he has testing this time machine yet, it will only be a matter of time before someone creates a kind of time machine, tests it, and from there we will see what can or will be possible.  After reading all of this article and hearing everything I have heard from the lectures about time travel it has only given me more to think about.

So my last thought about this subject is that I believe that time travel can be possible, only time will tell if it really will come to pass, or if it will eventually die out till our technology has gotten better.  Although my overall feeling about time travel is that it is a very interesting subject, and I am very optimistic, and I hope that if I am lucky that I will be alive to get to see some form of time travel, or at least get to hear about it is being tested more.

Bianca “Dream” Perez

Is it really possible to transform human life to another planet? If so, is it possible to have the same characteristics of landscapes on earth? With terraforming, maybe all of these things are possible. Terraforming involves the process of modifying the planet’s atmosphere, temperature, and topography (surface, shape & features). So now we know what terraforming is, but what can it really do for us? Have you ever asked yourself; What happens if the earth over-populates or if resources exceed the earth’s demand? Suppose there was a catastrophic extinction event, what would happen to all of the people in the world? Experts say about 65 million years ago all dinosaurs and earth species were wiped out by a meteor. If that event was ever to take place again, where would we go?

In many different aspects, scientists find Mars to be the most earth-like out of all the planets. If any mass crisis was too take place, we could all be terraformed to live on this second habitable planet. Scientists also suggest that Mars once previously had an environment similar to the earth during it’s stages of development.

Terraforming Mars would inhibit three major changes. Building up the atmosphere, keeping it warm, and keeping the atmosphere from being lost to outer space. Mars is also overpowered by 95% carbon dioxide and contains only traces of oxygen. If the majority of the air is filled with “greenhouse gas,” then how would we survive? When Mar’s begins to heat up, the carbon dioxide helps to keep thermal energy near the surface. However, when the planet heats up, more gas enters the atmosphere; increasing the greenhouse effect. This basically means that both processes benefit each other, favoring terraforming.

The environment of any planet can be changed deliberately. But creating a biosphere that is exactly the same as earth has yet to be confirmed. Studies and debates on this subject have created many questions/concerns. Some of these questions/concerns require years of experiments, economics, politics and the methodology of changing an environment of planets we know little about. Some experiments require money that the government is incapable of supplying, which makes it hard to supply accurate answers to most of the questions scientists have.

As I was researching about terraforming, I said to myself “Why would anybody want to go to mars? It has no signs of life and the air is so much different then on earth! Who in their right mind would want to go to mars?!” Out of curiosity, I came to find out that three astronauts actually moved into a space station (I.S.S) and have been living in space for about twelve years now. They landed in space on November 2, 2012., and have been there ever since. NASA  recently discovered hints that impose water and life may have actually existed on Mars. Scientists believe that the overcrowding on earth and planetary disaster possibility is steadily increasing. They also believe that Mars holds some promise for the human race and will eventually force us to consider our solar system as a new home.

Personally, Terraforming Mars sounds like a dream that will never happen. But then again, with physics, anything is possible. Previous ancient civilizations believed the world was flat, we would never be able to fly, and people would never be able to get into space. Through time, each one of these examples I mentioned have been proven wrong. The world was proven to be spherical, people created aircraft and astronauts fly into space like its another trip to the bahamas. I feel if the public knew more about terraforming and all the risks the earth is encountering, they would definitely push for the government to try to supply more economics to do the right research.

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