One concept you will learn about when you study projectile motion is that perpendicular vectors do not interact.  This means that if you launch an object horizontally its vertical motion will be exactly the same no matter how fast the launch speed is.


This is because the object is dropping from the same height each time.  Vertically, the object encounters two forces: weight and air resistance.  The weight pulls the object down to the ground and the air resistance pushes up against the object.  No matter how fast the object is moving horizontally it falls vertically in the same pattern.  The horizontal speed will only affect where the object lands.


If you have two identical balls and you roll one off a table and drop the other from the same height the balls will hit the ground at the same time.  It is difficult to drop the ball at the moment the other ball rolls off the end of the table, so here is a video of the Mythbusters proving this concept with bullets.