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Edward “Edward” Wade

Fantastic Speeds And Holding Power That We Don’t Notice: Gravity At Work

     It’s amazing when you think about the facts that we live on a planet that revolves around it’s axis and also revolves around the sun at super speeds yet we don’t notice it at all.

I have been on rides at the state fair and when those rides go around I feel the effects of movement. Some of us get queasy and others get downright sick. The point is that we are moving and we know it. We feel the effects of the ride and it’s not moving very fast in comparison with the earth. So it seems strange that we don’t pay any attention to some astronimical speeds that are taking place right under our noses.

Let’s start with how fast the earth is moving around the sun. That would be just a little faster than your car you drive everyday…just kidding, I wanted to make sure you weren’t sleep yet. The speed is actually 67,062 miles per hour around the sun and at that speed it still takes a year for the earth to go around the sun once.

Now let’s see how fast the earth is spinning around it’s axis. Would you believe that right now while you are reading this article that you are spinning around at 1040 miles an hour or another way to look at would be 465 meters every second

Those speeds should cause you to wonder why we have not all been thrown off the earth and into space, because there is a force that wants to do exactly that to you, but there is a stronger force that wants to keep you on the ground and that force is gravity.

In my understanding gravity has to do with the pull that objects big or small have on each other. The moon travels around the earth instead of crashing into it. The earth travels around the sun instead of crashing into it. We are able to walk on the earth instead of flying off of it or being pulled into it.

To me this means that the earths gravitational pull against the sun is strong enough to keep it going around it instead of into it or away from it, the same can be said about the relationship between the earth and the moon, as well as the earth and you.

In other words there is a perfect balance out there where things big and small stay where they are supposed to stay because they play tug of war with each other and always come to a tie…nobody really wins and nobody really looses. No I am speaking in general and just dealing with the sun, the earth, and us because i know sometimes there are winner and loosers and bodies go crashing into each other all of the time. In our dealings however, day by day we get the ties and nobody wins or looses. But at the same time to the curious mind some interesting questions can be asked. There are a million questions we can come up with but lets just consider one that nobody would ever pay attention to.

For example when you look at one of those white dandelions that has those delicate little seeds sticking out from it and they fly all over the place when a strong wind comes up, you have to wonder how they can even stay on there in the first place with us travelling 67,062 miles per hour around the sun and spinning at 1040 miles per hour. I told you that you never considered it before. Its a good question to ponder and cause you to think though isn’t it.

Well the same force of gravity that cause you to not notice those awesome speeds and the effects of the winds it must cause is the same force that is working on that dandelion. You don’t feel the force of the fast speeds or the rotation because there is a balance between you and the earth caused by gravity. It’s fascinating to think that there is a balance between the gravitational force of the planet earth and a delicate dandelion.

It’s amazing that gravity keeps on trucking along doing its work, day in and day out without you or I even noticing it or having to help it along. It is steady and continuously does its job perfectly every day and I am happy about that because I would hate the unknown that would come from an erratic gravity that sometimes took the day off. Then one day you could throw your baby up in the air and she comes back down into your loving arms, but the next day she floats off into space and explores the Milky May for all eternity.

Gravity…you’ve got to love it.


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Timothy Merola

            Out of the all of the “impossible” feats in the world, from social media to science, telepathy and mind reading have always been up for debate if it is “believable” and feasible.  With such television shows, like Long Island Medium, and street magicians trying to figure out what card you picked, the idea behind true telepathy and mind reading can either be considered as a joke or an actual ability one can have.

After reading the article, Mind Reader, by Duncan Graham-Rowe, he gives the scientific insight on how telepathy and mind reading could be an actual reality.  He brings light into the idea of tapping into the other parts of your brain to “eavesdrop” on the other inner thoughts of another.  He goes over Hans Berger, a 1924 German doctor, who invented a creation, the electroencephalogram, to place electrodes on a person’s skull to read endless neurons within their brain (Graham-Rowe).  In other words, Berger created an object that could accurately read countless thoughts a person has that they have never spoken aloud to another person.

Since earlier discoveries, there were other scientists that used Berger’s idea, but re invented them as technology and science itself evolved.  Some used his ideas, and others took those ideas and studied them from a completely different angle.  Phillip Kennedy, a neuroscientist in 2008, focused more so on the idea of focusing only the speech -involved parts of the human brain (Graham- Rowe).  In the thought here, a person’s motor cortex is the main focus.  Kennedy believed that using all of the signals the motor cortex muscles within the brain to find what a person says before it reaches their mouth (Graham-Rowe).  Either idea these men had could work in finding an actual way to read one’s mind; it just depends on what it factual behind the true idea of telepathy.

With all of the different possibilities telepathy and mind reading have, one could begin to wonder: “Would I really want to read the mind of someone sitting next to me?”  In today’s society, everyone always wants to rack the brain of an ex- lover to see if they cheated, or get the teacher’s answers, but would they always want that power to actually know everything.  In a video with Dr. Kaku, he speaks about all the possible benefits of telepathy and what it could do, but also goes into if you would actually want to know if someone is telling you the truth or creating lie for you to here.

As technology and science begin to evolve from what they are today, there will always be the question as to if the idea is folly or feasible.  Since all of the different discoveries behind telepathy, the possibility of finding a true way to read someone’s mind could become a great scientific opportunity.  It could answer to question if psychics are actually using another part of their brain to really read your mind, or if they are just trying to make another dollar off an unsuspecting customer.


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Dr. Kaku Video:

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Tyler “Ty” Hamilton

Quantum Entanglement

In quantum physics there is a mystery reaction known as quantum entanglement, Albert Einstein called it spooky action at a distance. It is when two exceptionally small units like electrons or photons become quantumly entangled causing the two now paired units to re-act to stimulus occurring to one of them no matter the distance, this also happens at near or at instant regardless of distance.

To better explain this lets create a scenario: you have atom A and atom B. They are artificially entangled and then separated. Atom A stays on Earth but atom B is brought out one AU away from the Earth. Light will take about eight minutes to reach atom B from the earth.  Atom A is spun in the upward direction, at that instant atom B would take a relative state to atom A and spin down. Even though this was instant it would take some time for our current communication to beam back the results, this is actually one of the bigger expected uses for this study.

The hope is to take the randomness of atom spinning out of the equation and suspend entangled elements to transmit data. This would create instant communication no matter the distance. Imagine how much workspace probes and their scientists could do if there were not large latency times in communication. As an example NASA would be able to drive the Mars rover Curiosity in real time as if it were here on earth, not give it orders and hope that nothing goes wrong.

As exciting as this is scientists have been working on this problem for some time and are not close to solving this riddle, in fact it gets stranger the more they experiment with it. Physicists have been able to entangle two photons that are not in existence at the same time. Using a technique that is called “projection measurement” which is extremely complex to describe in the allotted format they create paired photons measure them, during the process the first set of photons are destroyed. After that another set is created the same way with the first and the fourth photon being exact opposites. This is repeatable and not random showing that the photons are entangled even though they didn’t exist at the same and the source entangled photon set is no longer in existence.

Although we have limited understanding of quantum physics and have only begun to take baby steps in its research we starting to use the information to create technology. D-Wave a small tech company has created a quantum processor that uses quantum bits that exist in an on or off state. These processors at the moment excel at certain tasks much better than other processors but for now the technology is still lacking. NASA and Google however have purchased the processor and have a joint project to research artificial intelligence with them.

I hope over the next few years both sets of technology are fully functional. As an artist using computer I would not be limited by processors, or the distance some one would be from me our a server of mine. I could render out content and deliver as fast as I could create it.

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