You have made decisions all your life and many people just like you wonder what would happen if they did something differently. Now all those times you have thought, ‘I should have done this’ or ‘Glad I did not do that’ are all about to play out. In fact they may all be playing out right now.

I am speaking of the concept in Quantum Mechanics known as the Many Worlds Theory. Better known to most people as the concept of alternate realities, it is as amazing as it is terrifying if indeed it is real. See the concepts of the Many Worlds Theory undermine every concept that we have of linear time, since in this theory all time is happening not only simultaneously, but all possible variations of time as well. Thus a perhaps infinite number of variations of perceived time that would never be able to all be mapped since it would even go down the very decision of mapping all the time lines, thus a time line would exist where time was never mapped –
Before I make both our heads explode, I will move on.

In order to really understand the idea, imagine our timeline and everything you have ever done is a piece of paper. Now every time you have had a decision, add more sheets of paper – now add everyone else’s decisions – You keep adding under any event that could have happened any other way is cataloged. You now have a stack of paper which is too tall to see the top of.

It sounds virtually impossible right? However in practice it can be proven that indeed all manner of events could have happened any other way. But would not that mean all time could be happening at any time once you take into account that these events could happen at any time? Time is something we as humans attempt to measure, but in reality it is just a rate at which moments pass, not a clear defined way of stating something indeed was at a specific moment – since to know what happened is to have observed it.

We just crossed the threshold in the theory of thought known as Quantum Suicide which was the stepping stone to indeed prove that Many Worlds could indeed be true – plausible in fact. Quantum Suicide is the idea that an event can happen over and over again, but one of those times it will play out differently. Now imagine all variations of an event play simultaneously, thus thousands upon thousands of copies of you have died and lives and you never knew it. Since you are indeed one of the variations, you just haven’t come to the end of your timeline yet have you?

It may not be possible to travel between these timelines, but it offers an interesting outlook on time, decisions and events. It challenges us to look at everything we do and think of the far reaching implications of all actions – scientifically – as much as it does morally. Your decisions are shaped by other decisions in a network of events that could very easily be shifted in any direction unbeknownst to any of us. It is proven to us with every day events all the way to the most life changing; you decided to not speed through a red light, and luckily for you that keeps you very much alive… But in that decision, there is another place – another time – where you died. It is as disturbing as it is beautiful that the universe could in fact be so complex as to map all that happens, will happen and has happened at all times simultaneously.

Every little decision matters.

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